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Barcelona president: 'There is no official offer for Pedro'

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Brian Bahr/Getty Images

The Pedro Show is getting annoying, and maybe we're getting to a happy (?) ending.

Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu spoke to Catalan outlet TV3 and he is confident that the 28-year-old will remain part of the Blaugrana squad for next season, despite a wave of rumors regarding a potential move to Manchester United. The Red Devils allegedly made a €30 million offer, but Bartomeu knows nothing about it.

"To my knowledge, Pedro isn't going. We have not received an official offer for Pedro.

"I want him to continue, he is a fundamental player for us, and what's more is that this season we have to play for six trophies. We need the best players possible, we would miss his experience and quality."

Source: Sport

Okay, so he's not going then, right? Please tell me this is all over and we don't have to hear about it anymore...