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Two cops ask for selfie with Lionel Messi, get yelled at by superior

David Ramos/Getty Images

Barcelona are now hours away from playing a football match against AS Roma, but their arrival at the airport on Tuesday caused one of the most awesome scenes you'll see.

Diario Sporthas a cool story about how the Blaugrana caught the attention not only from fans, but also from airport workers and security staffers. The one guy who really got many eyeballs in his direction was Lionel Messi, and the Argentine was part of a fun moment.

Two policemen, who were supposed to take care of Messi and stop fans from coming too close to him, actually stopped doing their job and asked Leo for a selfie.

I might be looking too much into it, but it does appear that Messi is kind of uncomfortable posing for that photo, as if he was thinking "uh... hey guys, aren't you like... not doing your job? I REALLY NEED SOME SECURITY HERE!". Those cops actually heard bad things for their behavior, and it came directly from one of their superiors, who rightfully told them to stop taking pictures while in the job, especially with the guy they should be the most interested in protecting.

This is hilarious. We need one "Cop Selfie With Messi" story every week. Please.

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