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Barcelona can register Arda Turan as Rafinha replacement, says former candidate

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Get ready for what could become one of the greatest plot twists in football history.

New Barcelona signings Arda Turan and Aleix Vidal are not able to play for the Catalan giants until January due to the transfer ban handed out by FIFA to the Blaugrana since the beginning of this year. Until the next transfer window is open, there's no way they can play. Or maybe they can.

The terrible news of Rafinha Alcântara's injury, which is likely to require season-ending surgery, might be a reason for Barça to register one of their new players, according to what former presidential candidate Toni Freixa explained on Twitter:

Before you start screaming "IT'S IN CATALAN, I CAN'T UNDERSTAND A WORD!!!". Don't worry, here's the translation:

"The club may register a substitute for Rafinha. Article 124.3 of Regulation RFEF is very clear and FIFA has no competition here. In this case it would be the RFEF who is granting the license to the new player or deny it. If denied it can be appealed but never to FIFA. Therefore there is no reason not to start the process. There's no need to consult anything, we must have clear ideas and act. The team is in need."

Happy? Still don't understand? Let's put it in very clear terms:

1. The ban was officially over after the close of the transfer window.
2. Once the transfer window closes, no team can register any player, therefore, we can't register Arda and Vidal until registration is reopened in the next summer transfer window.
3. The registration of a player during the in-between period of the two transfer windows is only permissible if the team receives a major injury to one of its players.
4. Therefore, since the ban no longer applies, Barça is treated like any other club and should be allowed to register Arda because of Rafinha's injury.

Got it now? The Blaugrana might have a very good case to win this and get Arda to be registered. Freixa said that he doesn't want to upset FIFA, but he is consulting teams from all over Europe to make sure he can advice the club do this without fear of retaliation from the people who drop the hammer.

This is a very interesting development. Can you imagine the metaphorical middle finger from Barça to FIFA? That would be awesome! And also we would get Arda, which is the best thing here.

(h/t to Barça Reddit)

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