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Luis Enrique talks squad depth, Rafinha injury, Levante match

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Barcelona coach Luis Enrique appeared before the press on Saturday to preview his team's La Liga match against Levante, and he remains confident that the current holders can still have a great season despite all the injuries the squad has suffered in this young season.

With five players out with physical problems, it's easy to think that Enrique will put his rotation system on hold for a while, but that's not the case. The boss made it clear that he won't change his philosophy, and he thinks his team is deep enough to survive all the absences, and he will call some Barça B talent if need be. Lucho also touched on the tough news regarding the potential season-ending injury of Rafinha Alcântara, among other topics. Here's a few highlights from his presser:

"We have enough depth. [Injuries] won’t change our approach nor what we want to do during the season. We can pick up players from the B squad so we have that guarantee.

"[Dani Alves] is feeling fine, on Sunday we will decide whether he can play or not against Levante.

On Levante

"I am expecting a Levante with the same attitude that I have seen them with in the first few games of the season. They will be ready to make live difficult for us, getting players behind the ball."

"It is always difficult to attack a team that has players sat back in defence."

Rafinha’s injury

"It’s really sad for the player. You wouldn’t wish an injury like this on anyone, not least one of our players."

"I didn’t see any ill intent in Nainggolan’s injury."

"What we have is a squad that has to overcome problems and negative situations during the season."

"We have players from the B squad, like Gumbau, who is an interesting player we have brought in."

"We have the blind faith in that we will get to the end of the season with chances [to win trophies]"

On the chances of being able to bring in a player to replace Rafinha

"Up until now we have not had much luck in those things. I am not confident. I think a request was made but FIFA said clearly no."

"I am counting on not being able to bring in the players we have signed until January."

The team’s situation

"We have scored less goals than other seasons? That doesn’t worry me at all. In terms of points we are doing well."

"In the league it is no good being strong just for a part of the season."


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