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Agent goes on crazy rant, says Neymar Jr. should join Real Madrid

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Neymar Jr.'s inner circle is full of insane people. We have one more reason to confirm it.

Wagner Ribeiro, Neymar's agent, who last month said his client will not leave Barcelona when the rumors about a move to Manchester United began, is now saying that the Brazilian should move to Barça's biggest rival, Real Madrid. He said a lot more during a crazy Instagram rant labeled as a "letter" to the player's father. He sent that "letter" to the "haters" who were celebrating the freezing of Neymar and his family's assets in the US$50 million range.

That would have been fine had he just defended Neymar Sr. and his son from the accusations. But he threw some crazy stuff in there:

"Take your money, send everything to tax havens, legally, of course. This way you will stop paying taxes in Brazil! Close your businesses, the Institute of Praia Grande, and go enjoy your life on Mediterranean beaches. You and your family. But leave Neymar to play a few more years ... and end his career in Europe, preferably at Real Madrid."

Source: Instagram/ESPNFC

TAX HAVENS?!?!?!?! REAL MADRID?!?!?!?! He goes on to say even crazier things, and I encourage you to read more parts of it. Hey dude, just defend the father, don't throw the son in there. And don't throw the name Real Madrid in there. That's unnecessary and stupid.

Neymar's inner circle is crazily crazy.

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