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Real Madrid looking to pay release clause for Barcelona forward Neymar - report

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Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images

The rumor mill never stops in Barcelona, especially when it comes to a hungry press praying every day for Neymar Jr. to be sold so their eternal saga of linking the player to every club can finally become reality.

But sometimes, things get a little too crazy. How crazy? Neymar going to Real Madrid crazy:

Real Madrid will pay Neymar's €190 million release clause if their appeal to FIFA goes through, according to MARCA. The Brazilian has yet to sign a contract extension with Barcelona and he is asking for a big contract if the latest reports are accurate. Madrid would be willing to meet those demands and knowing that Barcelona will never sell the player, Florentino Pérez wants to pay the clause and sign him anyway.

Source: Managing Madrid

We all know Florentino Pérez does have the money to complete the deal, with recent humongous deals like Kaká, Ronaldo and Gareth Bale (just to name three) coming to mind, and that 190 million euros would be a very good entrance into the Catalan giants' bank account in these tough financial days for the Blaugrana.

But come on, Neymar to Madrid? That'd certainly be a gigantic surprise. I'm sure Neymar's dad wouldn't be shocked, though.