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Young Fan Wearing "Lionel Messi" Plastic Bag Shirt Located in Afghanistan

A small Messi fan captured hearts around the world for his joy over a humble gift.

Pictures of a young boy wearing a homemade Lionel Messi Argentina shirt, fashioned out of a plastic bag, have captured hearts all over the world. Now, the identity of the boy has been confirmed.

The picture that was shot from the back, which did not show his face, spread over social media after it was uploaded by the boy's brother on Facebook. A search began to find the boy's identity so people could help him get a real replica shirt. A Kurdish TV station claimed to have found the boy, but the lead proved to be false.

Now, CNN have confirmed the identity of the boy to be Murtaza Ahmadi, a five-year-old in Afghanistan. The father, Arif, says Murtaza was distraught that he did not have his idol's shirt. But the family lives in a poor, remote village and cannot afford a real Messi shirt for the young fan. So, with the help of his other child, the father fashioned a facsimile using a plastic bag.

Judging from the pictures, Murtaza was overjoyed at his family's effort and wore it proudly. The boy is happy for his internet fame and wants to one day go to school, play football, and of course, meet Messi, according to Arif.

A Messi fan account claims to have been contacted by the Argentina and FC Barcelona superstar's team so something can be arranged for the kid. We're not sure if Messi is aware of the photo, but certainly hope so - and hope something can be given to the young fan.

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