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If Barcelona Players Were "Star Wars" Characters

Barcelona play out-of-this-world football...

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Lionel Messi = Luke Skywalker

Lionel Messi went from prodigy to Jedi Knight in record time, but it didn't change his outlook. Throughout most of his career, he's been a wholesome good guy aside from maybe the man to destroy the Evil Empire. But does he have a bit of a dark streak lately? What will become of him once he becomes a grizzled veteran and not a starry-eyed hero...?

Luis Suarez = Han Solo

Scoundrel, rogue, hero. You take your pick with the descriptions. Luis Suarez was introduced to Barcelona as a bad boy. No one knows if he'll play nice with others. But as it turns out, he was on hand when you needed him most to deliver that killer blow to the Death Star. Now let's just hope his newest adventure won't end poorly...

Neymar = Finn

Young Neymar seemed a bit out of his depth at points in his first season in Spain. Sometimes you wondered whether Finn could really become on par with the likes of Han Solo and Chewbacca. Or if Neymar could really match the level of Messi and Andres Iniesta. Those doubts seem strange now, as Neymar has proven himself absolutely essential.

Sergio Busquets = Chewbacca

He's taller than most and just like Chewbacca, doesn't get the individual recognition he so richly deserves. Not that Busquets or Chewbacca mind not getting that individual award at the end.

Ronaldinho = Darth Jar Jar Binks

Don't be fooled by his toothy grin and goofy sense of humor. Beneath the veneer of friendliness, Ronaldinho is a killer whose ninja-esque movements are sure to baffle. That's just like Darth Jar Jar; outwardly, harmless goofball. But in reality, he could destroy the universe.

Florentino Perez = Emperor Palpatine

He leads the evil empire and has tried at least once to tempt our hero to the dark side. This one's easy.

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