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The Goleadores! Barcelona vs. Celta de Vigo, La Liga 2016

Very disappointing loss that showed Barcelona’s weaknesses, and some of the things the team still needs to develop.

RC Celta v FC Barcelona - La Liga Photo by Octavio Passos/Getty Images

This was a tough loss to process. Honestly, it wasn't so much that Barça played bad as it was that Celta played way better. They weren't good, let's get that straight, but they weren't as terrible as a 4 goals against loss leads you to believe. I'll tell you this...I can't wait for Umtiti to come back. The stability provided by the defensive couple of Piqué and him is absolutely essential. And while Umtiti has, up until now, shown incredible maturity, I think he will benefit from Piqué's absurdly incredible run of form to learn, and develop more of his fantastic talent.

I understand that my writing an article that's again, regrettably, overdue, and so close to my last article wherein I apologized for precisely being late, makes it seem as though I am not putting forth the effort I should towards this very important responsibility. I apologize again. I'd more than willingly provide a longer explanation if anyone would like one, but for now let's just say that a long weekend, work emergency, and hurricane prevented me from getting to this any sooner. I would like to say that this won't happen again, but in such a long season with as many games as Barcelona plays I cannot make that promise. I can promise to always put my best effort forward, and never shirk my responsibilities.

With all of this having been said, let's get down to why we're here!

Irish Goat's Three Gamboling Goleadores!

I really really REALLY did not want to choose three players. One, absolutely. Two, sure. But three? I wanted to leave it blank, perhaps even going as far as choosing an opposing player as a scathing indictment of Barcelona's poor performance. Alas, my love for the team pulled through, and I couldn't refuse a spot to the this particular player.

1st Goleador: Gerard Piqué

A far cry from his mischievous and immature youth, Gerard has become a quasi stipend of these lists. Deservedly, I might add. After the heavy loss of the behemoth that was Carles Puyol, Piqué seems ready now more than ever to step into that leadership role. In this particular game he was actually more impressive in offense than in defense, almost netting himself a hattrick. He appeared to be the player with the most frustration and anger on the pitch on Barça's side by being down in the scoreline. Illustrated precisely by the fact that he kept going forward to score. His drive is the reason Barcelona came so close to actually obtaining a good result from this calamitous game.

2nd Goleador: André Gomes

This kid could be an incredible get for this Barcelona team. I love his physicality, I love his passing, I love his effort, I love his range. I keep seeing what I saw at the beginning of the season from him: this kid will not get muscled off the ball easily. His passing is great as compared to other players with similar physical attributes, as not often does one see tall, physical players with great passing. Busquets is one of very few, and possibly the best, which is one of the reasons why we love him. He was also, along with Piqué, the only other player I felt was genuinely upset at being down three goals and kept running all over the pitch trying to make a difference. Perhaps it will do well for the team to have him spell Busquets for a couple of games to see what he can do, while also motivating some competition for Busquets in that position.

3rd Goleador: Andres Iniesta

Like I stated before, I really did not want to choose a third player for this list. Yet I cannot ignore the fact that when Don Andres came on, Barcelona did almost a complete 180 and changed how the match was being played. If not for some shaky defending and an absurd mistake from Ter Stegen, Andres coming on could have given Barcelona the win and the three points.

And that does her for this Gamboling Goleadores. For the next game, I hope to see some changes in the lineup that reward the players that have been playing well. Visca Barça!

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