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Not even Messi, Suarez, and Neymar can stop Barcelona in training

MSN can’t get the ball off of their teammates in a Rondo drill

I bet Barcelona could make some serious money if they sold tickets to their training session. It seems like they have so much fun during them and they look like a true joy to watch. With so much quality on display at one time, to watch them go through their daily drills would be a treat.

Sometimes a rare video or two will show exactly what the Barca training sessions look like. For instance, this video of a ‘Rondo’ drill was released by the club today:

The goal of the ‘Rondo’ is to complete 20 passes in a row without the defending players getting possession. It’s supposed to help a team with their possession game. The fact that three of the best pressing attackers in the world were unable to get the ball off of their teammates is quite amazing and shows you just how much talent Barcelona possesses.

If these three are unable to do it, is there anyone in the world who can?

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