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Barca Blaugranes needs your help!

Two or even three of you, actually.

Barcelona Training Session and Press Conference Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Over the last few years, SB Nation's Barca Blaugranes has jumped from a nice little blog to one of the best Barcelona sites on the internet, and we as a staff are incredibly proud of how hard we have worked and continue to work to keep growing this site and make this can the source of best Barça content in the interwebz.

Our staff continues to grow and consists of some very bright minds. Our newest additions have done some fabulous work so far, and I'm sure will continue to do so. We still need just a few new voices, though, and that's why we're starting today a new writer search.

But this time, we have one specific goal.


This is the thing that began to separate us in terms of coverage. The reason why we're one of the biggest soccer blogs on SB Nation and on the internet is how much content we put out. We pride ourselves on providing a complete coverage of nearly every relevant thing that happens within the club, from politics to transfers and everything in between.

Unfortunately, most of us have hectic schedules that don't allow us to write as often as we want to, and a few important news slip away or don't get posted right away. Barça is a huge club and a lot of stuff happens, and it's impossible for one person to cover it all the time.

And that's where we need help. We've got some great writers that make some great opinion pieces and analysis, but we need at least one more person who can post daily for us. And it's not just once: it's as much as needed. It means always being available to cover something as soon as it happens; it means being constantly looking at Twitter or other news feeds and writing a quick 150-200 words on something that happens; it means being truly devoted to informing Barça fans about the club they love.

Is it tiring? Hell yeah. Is it exhausting, even? Hell yeah. Will you burn out from it? No, because in the end it's super fun. I've been doing it for two and a half years and it's been the best two and a half years of my life, because I adore this. I love Barça and writing, and since I'm not a great writer and incapable of producing some incredible features once a month (as some of you REALLY love to tell me), I stick to my strength: writing 4-5 posts a day because that's what I'm good at.

Are you good at it too? Do you love Barça? Let's work together! Please email me at, put "Writer Search" in the subject and convince me, Bostjan and Arron (the other managers) that you can be a part of the staff.

Here are the basic requirements for this writer search:

  • Daily availability
  • Ability to write quick posts
  • Extensive knowledge of the club

Can we promise a monthy salary, retirement plans and Camp Nou tickets? NO. Can we promise a really fun work environment, constant support and a very good platform to write? YES. You have an opportunity to write for one of the best Barça blogs around, but you'll have to commit to working your butt off, every day.

If you think you're up to the task, I'm an email away!

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