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WATCH: Barcelona players read funny tweets about themselves

Messi is not an alien?!?!

There’s a segment on Jimmy Kimmel’s nightly talk show called “Mean Tweets” where celebrities or athletes read other people’s tweets about themselves. Most of them are just downright cruel, but it makes for pretty hilarious television.

Audi thought it would be a good idea to have Barcelona players undergo the same premise, but have the tweets be a little more favorable. Here’s how it went:

The first thing we have to talk about is Lionel Messi’s acting. He’s tying his best to convince everyone he’s not an alien, but we can all see he’s desperately trying to cover up the truth, wondering how some random person on Twitter has found out his secret. One of these days the real truth will come out and most likely it’ll be on Twitter.

Then there’s someone comparing Gerard Pique to the Gangnam Style dance. Are we sure this isn’t “Mean Tweets” because I’m not sure I’d want to be compared to a fad dance that everyone has forgotten about.

This was a fun little project and a lesson that anything you put out on Twitter could make it anywhere in the world, so be careful what you say.

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