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Andrés Iniesta will miss two months with knee injury, which is actually good news for Barcelona

It looked A LOT worse

When Andrés Iniesta fell to the groun with his hands on his right knee calling for the doctors after injuring himself during the La Liga match against Valencia, we all thought the worst had happened.

Well, it turns out it's not THAT bad:

The club's official statement says Iniesta "injured the lateral collateral ligament in his right knee", which is the exact same injury Lionel Messi suffered a year ago in a league game against Las Palmas. Just like Messi, Iniesta will miss eight weeks, which basically rules him out for the remainder of 2016, unless the skipper is able to be back in six weeks, which would make him available for the final three games of the calendar year.

The Barcelona captain has already missed one month because of a knee problem this season, so the best thing would be to rest him for the next two months and have him back in January. Thanks to a fantastic transfer window, we now have a few replacements who will maintain the quality of the team, even though they can't be as spectacular as Don Andrés.

Missing Iniesta for two busy months is obviously terrible news for the Blaugrana, but let's be honest: it could have been A LOT worse. Many of us thought this was the same ACL injury Rafinha Alcântara suffered last season, which caused him to miss eight months. Looking from that perspective, Iniesta's problem is not nearly as serious, which is good news in the end.

Take care of that knee, Cap. We need you back at your best again.

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