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Barcelona play against their farm system, nearly lose

The Blaugranas struggled mightily against Valencia, develop firm idea of whom they’d like to buy next season. 

Valencia CF v FC Barcelona - La Liga Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

I must admit, even for the likes of me, this title might just be a little too cynical. I just couldn’t resist the temptation of writing it. I’ve nothing against the tremendous players we’ve purchased from Valencia, such as Jordi, André, and Paco, among others. If these players help us succeed, and we manage to become one of the most dominant football clubs in recent history because of them, then I should just be grateful and hope the club continues to do such a tremendous job in the transfer markets. I just seriously couldn’t resist writing it. I mean, come on! This team might as well occasionally be called Valencia Lite.

I don’t particularly enjoy when somebody suggests that such and such team should have won, or that such and such team deserved to lose. I understand the feelings that might give credence to those arguments, but I still believe them to be somewhat fallacious. In this instance, some might suggest that Valencia should’ve won. The truth is that both teams exhibited sufficient qualities to warrant a victory. Thus, Barcelona won, and that’s that. No amount of arguing will change that fact.

Another fact easily surmised after watching this game is that it was difficult for both sides. With lots of back and forth, and a dizzying amount of pace, the game proved to be a rollercoaster, with both teams leading at some point. While Luisito has had some struggles early in the season, his slow start hasn’t prevented him from turning it on from stretches at a time and being terrifyingly deadly. Neymar has had a quicker start, with Messi leading the pack and being in spectacular form.

I give you this match’s Three Gamboling Goleadores!

1st Goleador: Messi

Another very special performance from the little genius who continues to dazzle game after game. What a dominant player. With two goals on three shots on target, he was his usual deadly self. This without neglecting the other very impressive aspect of his game: tremendous passing. He completed 80% of his passing, which is spectacular considering the grand majority of his passes come in the defensive third of Valencia. He is just a very difficult player to stop.

2nd Goleador: Neymar

Of the extremely potent and deadly trio of superstars known as the MSN, Neymar was the only one that won 75% of his duels. Which means that, in this particular game, Neymar retained possession almost twice as much as Messi, and almost three times as much as Suárez. He also had two key passes and participated in a couple of the plays that led to goals. Defensively, Neymar was also the most effective member of our attacking trio, dropping back to help our beleaguered defense in this difficult match.

3rd Goleador: Ivan Rakitic

Ivan had himself a game. He was a bundle of energy running up and down the field. Sadly, Ivan’s terrific performance comes out of necessity as he had to replace an injured Andrés Iniesta. Don Andrés had to leave the game after damaging the ligament in his knee. We all wish Ivan’s game hadn’t had this sad caveat, but we are extremely gladdened by his terrific performance.

That is it for today! Rock on, compadres and Visca Barça!

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