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Release clauses of Barcelona's entire squad revealed, and some are shocking

Sergi Roberto is cheaper than the third goalkeeper. Seriously.

Squawka Football is without a doubt one of the best websites about football on the internet. There are great tactical analysis, some funny stuff and one of the best statistical databases you can find.

But they took it up a notch when they published this article:

The article is actually a photo gallery, so if you don't want to scroll through them all, here's a table with the full list, ranked from lowest to highest:


Note that the money figure is in Pounds, not Euros. So let's go: the 'MSN' trio is the most expensive on the team, which is not surprising. After signing a contract extension with the club recently, Sergio Busquets equals Suárez' release clause, which clearly shows how much the club values the best defensive midfielder in football.

As we move down the list, though, we start to see some hilarious stuff. First, Aleix Vidal has a (slightly) more expensive clause than Samuel Umtiti, even though Big Sammy has become a fantastic Blaugrana already and Aleix Vidal... well, he hasn't. Third goalkeeper Jordi Masip has £31 million buyout fee, which is amazing because nobody wants him, not even Barça, and his contract runs out next summer.

And then we reach the most shocking part of the entire list: Sergi Roberto, one of the best players in the squad right now, has a £26.5 million release clause, which is lower than Masip, Mathieu and Vidal. That makes absolutely no sense, until you remember Roberto is still playing in his first professional contract, with low wages and buyout fee. Roberto and Barça are discussing an extension, and he will definitely be much more expensive in the near future.

As of now, though, Roberto is cheaper than the third goalkeeper. This is amazing.

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