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Marc-André Ter Stegen Denounces Racist Comment Against Barcelona Teammate Samuel Umtiti

The German goalkeeper defended his teammate against a Twitter user who asked if the defender should continue playing "despite being black."

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Good job,  Marc-André Ter Stegen. During a Q&A session on Twitter, the goalkeeper responded to a racist comment by a user who asked whether his teammate, Samuel Umtiti, should continue playing "despite being black."

Why would someone ask such a stupid question? Because this is the internet and people are terrible. The user has since deleted the tweet, claiming it was a joke.

First, if your idea of comedy is sending racist comments to football players about their teammates, you must not be a very clever person. The other thing is, "comedy" is not a "get out of jail free" card. You can't just say it's all a joke and expect people to ignore your poor attitude. At some point, you start to wonder if these "jokes" are jokes at all, or just a way to camouflage real ignorance and racism.

Still, it's nice to know the players are smarter than those fans and are not afraid to take a stand against such behavior.

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