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WATCH: Leo Messi embarrasses the whole Osasuna team to score

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Simply amazing

He’s done it again. Lionel Messi’s individual brilliance has secured his brace and the three points for Barcelona thanks to an amazing solo goal against a helpless Osasuna defense.

via r/Soccer

Messi collected possession in midfield and dribbled past several different players, as he does. After entering the box surrounded by at least four opposing players, he somehow found a way to elude them all and slam a finish into the net for his second goal of the match.

We’re honestly spoiled by his magic on the field that goals like this seem routine for him. However this would likely be a normal player’s best goal of their career, while this one might not even make a Top 20 list. We’re lucky to be able to say we got to watch the greatest soccer player of all-time in his prime.