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The Magic of Barça

As part of their ongoing partnership with FC Barcelona, Betfair have launched a campaign dedicated to celebrating the unique magic of the club, and to find a team of superfans

AK Bijuraj/Getty Images

To the people of Catalunya and to Culés across the globe, FC Barcelona is més que un club. To some, FC Barcelona is a way of life, a religion; to some, it is their very reason for existence. The concept of FC Barcelona, més que un club, is so ingrained in my life that I allow it to essentially dictate my life. From what I read, to when and where I go on holiday and heck, my career and my livelihood – FC Barcelona for better or worse, shapes who I am as a person.

And the question is: why? What is it about FC Barcelona that makes it so special to so many people across the world?

Therein lies the magic of Barça; somewhere along the way in our lives we have been touched by the soul and the magic of this club, and became enthused with the culture. Whether it was the effortless brilliance of the Dream Team, the Brazilian maestros Rivaldo, Ronaldo, Romario and Ronaldinho, or the era of transcendent dominance we find ourselves so lucky to be a part of, as inspired by Pep Guardiola, Lionel Messi and Luis Enrique – there was that one moment that really resonated with you, and then a plethora of others that each served to strengthen the bond we have this club.

This past summer, FC Barcelona announced a partnership with Betfair, who this past week launched a global campaign all about the "Magic of Barça", celebrating the club’s culture and recognising all those moments of magic we have been so lucky to experience over the years.

Their goal is to find eight super fans, like Luis from the film above, who will be offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to train and play at FC Barcelona, experiencing what it means to be a Barça player under the tutelage of the club’s coaches. In addition to training and playing at the club’s training ground, the lucky superfans will also be invited to a match at the Camp Nou, perhaps to see Barcelona work their magic as they hope to get back into the La Liga title race.

If you’re interested in learning more, click on the video above, or on this link – and just because there’s been a bit of negativity surrounding the club as of late, share your favourite Barcelona moments in the comments section below.

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