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WATCH: Leo Messi dribbles past everyone, sets up two goals

Almost a goal for the ages

Barcelona have scored their second and third goals of the match to extend their lead over Espanyol to 3-0. Lionel Messi almost scored one of the best goals of his life on the second goal after nutmegging and dribbling past four or five defenders. His shot was saved right into the path of Luis Suarez who knocked in the rebound for his brace:

via r/Soccer

The third goal was much of the same with Messi doing the heavy lifting with his dribbling. The ball eventually found Jordi Alba on the left flank and he powered in a great shot to make it 3-0 on the day.

via r/Soccer

Messi won’t get credit for either goal, but it’s certain that neither would’ve happened without his unbelievable dribbling skills. Like he’s done so many times, he’s created two goals purely from beating defenders with his natural ability. That’ll never get old to watch.

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