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Luis Suárez is cheating (on videogames)

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Barcelona superstar Luis Suárez, along with his teammates, was given two days off by coach Luis Enrique to rest after a marathon of matches. Suárez decided to spend his quality time by going back to his old club Liverpool for a little visit. He watched the players train and then went to his friend's house.

That friend happens to be Philippe Coutinho, and they decided to play a little game of FIFA. And that's when we find out Luis Suárez is cheating.

"As always, teaching some classes to my friend Coutinho in every game!"

This is a really nice picture, and shows everyone involved in football, players or fans, love to play FIFA. Also, Suárez does some trash talking to his former teammate, which is also cool.

What is not cool is the team Suárez is using. If you noticed, he picked his own Barça team. That is not okay. You don't get to play with them in real life AND in virtual reality. Plus, a 90-rated attack, WHICH YOU ARE PART OF, is just to much for a 77-rated Liverpool defense. For the record, it's fine for Coutinho to pick his own Liverpool. It's not the strongest team in the game, and you can have some fun by facing a similar squad.

That's not the case here. Come on, Luisito. Give people some chance.

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