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Former Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti does not believe in referees favoring Barcelona

"UEFAlona? Calma, calma..."
"UEFAlona? Calma, calma..."
Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Every time a referee makes a call in favor of Barcelona, right or not, the #UEFAlona talk comes back. Jose Mourinho and Real Madrid fans are firm believers that the Catalans get plenty of help from the referees in their games, but a legendary Madrid coach doesn't agree.

Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti, soon to be new manager of Bayern Munich, gave an interview to about the issue, and he made it clear the Blaugrana do not get help from officials. According to Ancelotti, world-class football doesn't have any favoritism towards any team, and although one of his teams were involved in a #UEFAlona controversy against the Catalans, he is still firm in his position.

"The referee level is very high. Sometimes referees can make mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes work in your favour and other times they do not.

"I try to respect the work of the referees, who have a very difficult job. [Brych] has an excellent reputation in Europe and I don't think he helped Barcelona, even if it is possible he committed mistakes because everyone does.

"The [red card] could also be viewed as naivety by Torres. Maybe it was a referee mistake but I don't think Barcelona received help from the official.

"When my Paris Saint-Germain side went out to Barcelona in the Champions League three years ago, it was Lionel Messi entering the pitch that changed the game [not the referee]; it was also the power of the fans at Camp Nou."


I wonder if Madrid fans will hate the coach that brought them La Décima just because he disagrees with #UEFAlona. Maybe I know the answer.

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