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Southampton manager Ronald Koeman "would like to go back" to Barcelona as coach

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Ronald Koeman is one of the best center-backs of all time, and he is a beloved figure for Dutch football and especially Barcelona fans, since he was the man who literally won Barça's first ever European Cup with a sensational free-kick at Wembley in 1992.

When he ended his playing career, Koeman became a coach, and he has turned out to be a great one. Since joining the Premier League two years ago taking over for Mauricio Pochettino at Southampton, Koeman has done a fabulous job rebuilding his squad, who is a pool of signings for England's bigger clubs, and still making it a competitive, entertaining team who stays at the top half of the table.

Koeman is also a great tactician, far more advanced than most of his Premiership peers, and he is constantly linked with moving away from The Saints whenever one of the title challengers fires a manager. But the feeling among Southampton higher-ups is that Koeman will not leave them in the near future.

"Next year? I'm really, really confident he will still be manager. Beyond that, those are the conversations we're having now and they're really good. I like where we're at. We're in a whole different place than where we were a few years ago.

"The way we are is we want everyone to be sure they can grow in their role at the club. That begins with our most important (person) - Ronald and his role - and as long as that matches, it's great. We feel good about that right now."

Southampton chairman Ralph Krueger, source: Sky Sports

If Koeman does decide to stick around for a new contract, that means he would be available when current Barça coach Luis Enrique leaves the Catalan club. Because of his accomplishments as a player at the club and his coaching talents, Koeman would obviously be in the list of replacements. If that ever happens, he would take the job.

"If I go back to Barcelona it’s like feeling back at home and we have a fantastic understanding with each other. We had a great time together and if one day I get the possibility, of course I would like to go back."

Koeman, source: Mirror

Of course, this is all for the (near) future and so much can change from now on, both for Koeman and Barça. But he would definitely be a good choice for next manager.

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