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Stephen Curry is very excited about El Clásico, Barcelona and Lionel Messi

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

El Clásico is so big that even the biggest stars in other sports want to watch it.

Reigning NBA MVP and Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry spoke this week about his excitement for this Saturday's clash between Barcelona and Real Madrid, the most watched sporting event on the planet. Curry is the most exciting, amazing player in his sport today, and he is looking forward to watching the football version of himself, Lionel Messi.

"I love watching Messi play because you never know what he will do with the ball and I love the talent he has".


"You never know what he will do with the ball and I love the talent he has". You can use that statement for Messi AND Curry, which just shows how good these two are in what they do.

Barça as a whole team is very good at what they do, and Curry loves seeing the best footballers on the planet play a style that inspires the way the Warriors dominate basketball. In fact, Barça is so loved in Golden State that coach Steve Kerr shows film of the Blaugrana to teach some lessons to his men.

"We’ve seen how they play, the things they do in every game, and their playing style is a lot like ours. They like to move the ball and each player is involved in each play. I think this is how we will see them play in El Clásico.

"Coach Kerr has shown us films of some soccer greats, especially Messi and Barcelona, and how they play."

Watching Barcelona might explain why the Warriors plays the best basketball in the world, and watching Messi might explain why Steph Curry plays the best basketball in the world. Keep doing that, Warriors, and you might win another championship.

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