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Luis Enrique talks Barcelona's Champions League win against Atlético Madrid, Rafinha, Luis Suárez

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Safe to say Barcelona's coach is a happy man again.

Luis Enrique was a very proud man after watching his players dig deep, come back and beat Atlético Madrid in the first leg of the Champions League quarterfinals. The coach analyzed the various aspects of the game, addressed the first half problems but praised his team for the second half performance and the victory.

He was also full of praise for Rafinha Alcântara, who played his first match since the bad knee injury suffered last September, and striker Luis Suárez, scorer of the game-winning brace for Barça. Here is a look at a few of Lucho's quotes:

"To play against Atlético, you have to be very precise and have good tempo, positioning and ball control. Maybe we didn't have that in the first half. Atlético created a very good chance in the first half and, combined with our mistake, it enabled them to score.

"The sending-off changed the game. At half-time we tried to talk about controlling the pace and attacking Atlético as a team rather than individually. In the second half the fans enjoyed themselves, I think. We managed to keep Atlético close to their box.

"I'm happy with the performance and happy to win again. Some people, not in the team obviously, could perhaps have been scared [when we went 1-0 down] but these players have a lot of confidence. We are looking forward to playing at the Calderón.

"Since I got here we have always thought one game at a time. We want to win at the Calderón and that's the only result that's good for us. With this attitude and these players we can go anywhere.

"We thought we had lost Rafinha for the season [when he got injured at Roma in September] but the medical team here is top-class. It is marvellous we can count on him again. He can score goals, control the ball and play in tight spaces. Having him back was, apart from the win, the highlight of the night.

"It was difficult for Suárez tonight, because he was always playing against two centre-backs. That is why it was important for our players on the wing to stay out wide. Suárez brings a work-rate and character to this team – not just goals. He has integrated himself in a special way. You could say he is half-Catalan."


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