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Marcelo shows how Real Madrid are the NWO of world soccer

Who knew Marcelo was a Kevin Nash fan?

The Barcelona-Real Madrid rivalry is one of the best in the world. With so many different personalities involved, it almost resembles pro wrestling. One of the best rivalries ever in pro wrestling happened in the late 90's when the New World Order (NWO) took over WCW.

The NWO were a bunch of heels (bad guys) who infiltrated a company of good guys that was the WCW. In this scenario, this obviously makes Real Madrid the NWO. Here is comprehensive proof to the point.

During last night's Champions League quarterfinal match between Los Blancos and Wolfsburg, this ugly incident between Maximilian Arnold and Marcelo happened. Arnold tapped Marcelo in the stomach with his finger and Marcelo went down like he'd been hit by a wrecking ball.

Credit: r/Soccer

As a huge WCW fan back in the day, this looked all too familiar. I knew I had seen this blatant cheating somewhere before. Then it hit me. The infamous "Finger Poke of Doom" incident between Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan. Nash and Hogan were feuding for some reason that's too old to remember and were squaring off in the main event of Monday Night Nitro, when all of a sudden, the fix was in:

Source: YouTube

It was the finger poke heard round the world. Marcelo is obviously a huge NWO fan considering his reenactment of this famous incident. Now we have to find out who on Barcelona is the Sting that can stop this madness.

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