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Neymar won a seat at the most prestigious poker tournament in the world

The Summer of Neymar continues

Welcome back to another edition of "The Summer of Neymar." Where we follow around the Barcelona star on all of his offseason expeditions and adventures. This week, our young Neymar is still in the United States but has ventured to a little city in the dessert called Las Vegas. You may have heard of it.

There he decided to enter a two-table satellite poker tournament that served as a qualifier for the World Series of Poker Main Event tournament. You know, the one you see every year on ESPN when they have nothing else to show?

Not only did he enter the qualifier, but he won the thing and earned himself a $10,000 entry fee to the prestigious tournament. The tournament begins on July 9th, there's no word on if Neymar will pencil it into his busy schedule. Here's to hoping he doesn't pull a Matt Damon in Rounders and blow off his day job to become the best poker player in the world.

To recap: Neymar went to New York to meet the Mets. Went to LA and hung out with Justin Bieber. Is starring in a movie with Vin Diesel. Exchanged jerseys with the Golden State Warriors. And now has won a seat at the World Series of Poker Main Event. There's still two months of summer vacation left. What will he be up to next?

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