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Here's a lesson for the future: Lionel Messi is really not a fan of flight delay

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

If you are a human being who has ever traveled on a plane, you have probably experienced flight delay. You wait for hours, you get angry, you call people some words that aren't nice.

Well, even Lionel Messi goes through that.

Una vez mas esperando en un avion para intentar salir al destino .. Que desastre son los de AFA por dios !!!!

Uma foto publicada por Leo Messi (@leomessi) em

"Once again waiting inside an airplane to try and leave for our destination. What a disaster the AFA are. My God!"

That is Messi blasting the Argentine Federation for making him wait. You can see in the picture that he's really not happy. This must be a long wait of multiple hours, certainly, and that caused him to lose his temper.

Even Messi gets angry, people. So yeah, please don't make him wait on a plane.

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