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Barcelona officially reveal 2016-17 away kit

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This has been a busy two weeks of July for Barcelona. Three new signings have been made, more are on the way, and the kits have been revealed. The home kit, as we know, is awesome and fantastic and beautiful, and we were expecting the other ones to be just as good.

Well, life isn't always that great.

The purple away kits are out, and... well... yeah, they're out.

I've said this before: I'm not a huge uniform fanatic, and I really care more about what we do on the pitch than how we look. However, it is always nice to have a nice uniform, and this purple one isn't. I'm not even talking about the weird Nike details, which is a pattern and will be on every Nike uniform this season, but the whole package doesn't look great.

The third kit will be released in the next few days, and hopefully they'll look a little better. Because this one...