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Rumor: Barcelona Fight to Sign Kevin Gameiro From Sevilla

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Competing theories about which forward Barcelona will sign - Vietto or Gameiro or another.

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo is insisting Barcelona has agreed to sign Luciano Vietto from Atletico Madrid, but rival newspaper Diario Sport is not convinced. According to the latter, the priority is Kevin Gameiro of Sevilla, though there is a chance they would get neither.

Sport says Gameiro is Luis Enrique's #1 man, and that Barcelona have made a strong offer to sign the Frenchman. Initially, Sport was making it out like Gameiro-to-Barcelona was a done deal, but now they're saying Atletico Madrid are making a play to swoop in and take Gameiro. Their offer apparently would include Vietto going to Sevilla plus money in exchange for Gameiro. The report says it will be up to Gameiro to choose which team he will sign for. If he were to choose Atletico, Barcelona would be left with neither Gameiro nor Vietto.

MD is adamant that Vietto has signed for Barcelona, and they treat it as a given that he will start in place of Neymar as the Brazilian plays in the Rio Olympics.

So what will it be - Vietto, Gameiro, or someone else? We'll find out soon.