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FC Barcelona News: 29 July 2016; Training Camp Nearing End, Sergi Samper Talks to Press

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Denis Doyle/Getty Images

FC Barcelona wrap up training camp at St. George’s Park | FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona’s six-day working escapade in central England is drawing to a close.Friday is the team’s final day at St. George's Park. Manager Luis Enrique had his men back out on the lush turf of the English FA national football training centre in Burton upon Trent.Friday morning’s workout was the first of two scheduled on the day. Twenty-three players were out on the sod, with the lone absence, Martín Montoya, exercising in the gym.

A day at the office with Lionel Messi | FC Barcelona
Lionel Messi's on-the-field genius is but the final product. It is the beautifully boxed, high-performance device that everyone wants. It's eye-high placement pulls you in and begs you take it home. Entertainment is guaranteed.You, however, will rarely, if ever, see the chain of production that put it all together. You, however, will rarely, if ever, see all the work that went into your new toy.

Messi Suarez and Neymar won't be usurped in Barcelona's fruitless striker search - ESPN FC
Barca were on the verge of getting the ideal candidate for this role when they tried to sign Nolito in January, but they refused to meet Celta Vigo's asking price because they did not want to increase the club's debt ratio. Barca's failure to snap up Nolito when he was within their grasp makes their arduous search for a forward all the more frustrating. Yet it should be little wonder why so many players are thinking twice about moving to Camp Nou.

Barcelona's Andre Gomes deal won't lead to extra sales - financial vice-president - ESPN FC
Barcelona's financial vice-president Susana Monje says the club's record revenues mean they do not have to sell extra players this summer despite going beyond their planned budget to sign Andre Gomes from Valencia this week.

Jordi Masip and Sergi Samper willing to fight for their place at FC Barcelona | FC Barcelona
Following the morning session at St. George’s Park on Thursday, Sergi Samper and Jordi Masip spoke to the media about how they view their situations at the club.Sergi Samper recently signed a new contract with the club, and there is the chance that he will be loaned out to gain experience.

A review of the economic balance of the 2015/16 season | FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona presented on Thursday its economic balance for the 2015/16 season, with a €678.9 million in revenues and €28.7 million profit after tax. Susana Monje, vice-president responsible for the economic area, spoke of the club’s successful year, which has seen a 12% improvement on the year before. This year also managed a ratio of net debt of EBITDA of 1.94, which means that the Club is within the parameters of equity balance for the 2017/18 season.