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OFFICIAL: Barcelona complete buy-back transfer, sign Denis Suárez from Villarreal

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David Ramos/Getty Images

Barcelona's first signing of the season is now official.

The Catalan club announced on Monday the signing of midfielder Denis Suárez, who will join the Blaugrana on a four-year contract with a club option for a fifth season. To complete Suárez's transfer, Barça exercised a buy-back clause and paid €3.25 million to Denis' former club, Villarreal.

Denis Suárez joined Barça B from Manchester City back in 2013. When the Catalans signed Ivan Rakitic from Sevilla, Suárez went to the Sevillistas as part of the deal, and played for one season with Unai Emery before being sold to Villarreal last summer. Barça kept a smart buy-back clause on the player's contract to be exercised anytime after the first season at the Yellow Submarine. In the first opportunity, Barça pulled the trigger.

Suárez had a breakout season at Villarreal last term, becoming an undisputed starter and displaying his skills and work ethic. Coach Luis Enrique can use Denis both as a backup to Neymar and Lionel Messi on the wings, or as an option in midfield. It is hard to see Suárez becoming a starter right now, but he's talented enough to cover someone if a player gets injured, for instance, or as an option on Lucho's rotation system.

For the price and the player's potential, this is a very good deal. Welcome, Denis!