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BB Live! Episode #6 - An update on BB Live! and other content

Sarthak Kumar updates the "weekly" segment of BB Live! - after more than a month.

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You might be thinking why there is text to go along with the video - well, that's because there are important things to say that weren't expressed in the video, and some things I needed to clarify because, they're slight incorre...they're wrong.

First of all, I'd like to thank BarcaBlaugranes for giving me the opportunity to write about Spanish football and host BB Live!, and Boštjan in particular for being the first guest of the Spanish Football Show and for being a fantastic editor and mentor. Also, a warm welcome to the newest batch of authors - you are in safe hands and may your pen (or keyboard) bring you great joy

So what's the update?

The update is that BB Live! is a priority but hasn't been treated that way - there needs to be more professionalism and structure to the project. Combine that with the hiatus of the Spanish Football Show and it's a no brainer.

Therefore, The Spanish Football Show will be off BarcaBlaugranes. Note that this isn't the end of the Spanish Football Show, it's a way to clear up some space for BB Live! and more written content. You can still follow the podcast here for updates.

So what's wrong with the video?

I mention that written content will take a backseat. That was wrong - I meant it would be the Spanish Football Show. If anything, written articles - the Off-the-radar series - will come back again in full swing.

Apologies if you feel that this didn't warrant a separate article - but I needed to clarify some things.

More about the new structure of BB Live! down below.

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