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The Goleadores: Barcelona vs. Celtic, 2016 Champions League

Messi, Neymar pull off Vulcan Mind Meld, become single entity.

FC Barcelona v Celtic FC - UEFA Champions League Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Resounding win from the Blaugranas! Champions League games are easily the highlight of the week! And after Saturday's game against Alavés, this game could not get here fast enough. This was precisely the reaction expected from Barcelona after a very disappointing showing, and they performed admirably. It was an absolute masterclass against a Celtic team that has always been a tough opponent for the Blaugranas.

After pretty much slamming the door shut on the opposition, Luis Enrique managed to make some of the squad rotations he'd been planning. From this, it is safe to surmise that not only does the team completely trust their skipper, but also that Lucho did not change his mind a single iota when it comes to rotating players. And there will come a time when even rotating seven players won't affect team chemistry in the least.

This match didn't entirely feel as if Barça were venting some of the frustration from the weekend fixture. For most of the match it was almost a palpable feeling of eleven guys enjoying themselves and playing fantastic football. Messi and Neymar had by far the most insane level of connection, making breathtaking passes left and right all game long.

After witnessing the complete and utter destruction of Celtic, I now have to choose just three players. Quite honestly, this list should have six or seven different names. Here we go.

Irish Goat's Three Gamboling Goleadores!

1st Goleador: Neymar

The best game the young Brazilian has played this year since coming back from summer break and all his other duties. Possibly one of the best games he's had all year. The level of technicality exhibited by him with his movement off the ball, his pinpoint passing, were on another level. His every touch was fraught with danger.

2nd Goleador: Lionel Messi

Hattrick for the little genius! I will keep saying it: Messi, for the past few games, seems to be incredibly happy and enjoying his football with almost a childish joie de vivre. Don't get me wrong, Messi has always, ALWAYS, showed an above average passion for the game, going after every ball and fighting for every possession. But now he also seems to be really cheerful, joking around with his teammates, smiling, and his football is absolutely on point.

3rd Goleador: Sergio Busquets

Busquets had an absolutely beast of a game. His tackling was impressive and his passing was extremely good as well. I honestly think he deserves a spot on this list despite Iniesta's off the bench scorching performance. Luisito also deserves an honorable mention for his brace, but specifically for that mind-blowing strike. You all know which one I'm talking about; I won't sully it with a description that doesn't do it justice. Yet he didn't make the list because quite honestly he wasn't playing his best football today until about 80 minutes in.

That's it for this match's edition of the Goleadores, and the first ever for the Champions League. As always, I look forward to seeing which your choices would've been.

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