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David Luiz shocking Chelsea return has major impact on Barcelona's future transfer plans

Good old domino effect!

Crystal Palace v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images

The summer transfer window is now definitely shut (there were still deals announced on the morning after transfer deadline that were completed, but even they are gone), and no other transfer is more shocking and difficult to believe/understand than the return of Brazilian center-back David Luiz to Chelsea.

Luiz was sold by Chelsea to Paris Saint-Germain two years ago as the most expensive defender in history (€50 million), but after a couple of disappointing campaigns in France, the 29-year-old returned to the Blues in a simply stunning Deadline Day development.

Or, as our friend Dávid Pasztor from SB Nation's Chelsea blog puts it...

"If you had told me a week ago that David Luiz would be a Chelsea player by the month's end, I would've asked you to kindly go troll on the Sun or the Moon or any other celestial body without breathable air. And yet here we are; reality triumphing over fantasy, and how sweetly!"

Source: We Ain't Got No History

But why are we talking about David Luiz and Chelsea in a Barcelona blog? Well, because this particular transfer has a huge impact in the Blaugrana transfer plans for the future. The departure of David Luiz means that Paris Saint-Germain will DEFINITELY keep hold of Brazilian prospect Marquinhos, one of the most desired Barça targets.

After failing again to sign the 21-year-old this summer, the Catalan giants settled for a great option in Samuel Umtiti. But Jérémy Mathieu is getting up there in age and won't be a part of the squad for too long. Barça's plan was to develop Umtiti into a great third-choice center-back, deal Mathieu in one or two years and bring Marquinhos to partner Gerard Piqué, since Javier Mascherano isn't likely to stay at Barça at the end of his contract (2018).

The reason why PSG never agreed to sell Marquinhos even though the player asked to leave three different times in the last three years is because they saw the Brazilian as the successor to captain Thiago Silva, and they're right on that. What PSG never expected was David Luiz leaving this summer, so Marquinhos is now an instant starter and will play alongside Silva until he's ready to become the new leader of the defense.

It's nearly impossible to see Marquinhos leaving PSG anytime soon after what went down this week. He is paid well, lives in Paris for crying out loud and doesn't have to fight for a spot in central defense anymore now that Luiz is gone. Marquinhos is probably very happy right now, his contract will probably be extended in a few months to keep him at the club for an extra two or three years, and if everything goes right for him, he'll be in too good of a situation to join Barça when the Blaugrana come for him again, which is bound to happen next summer.

Of course, anything can happen in football and maybe Marquinhos has it in his heart to play for Barça and he'll do everything he can to make it happen. But with David Luiz coming back to Chelsea, PSG will not let go of Marquinhos and he'll probably be happy enough to want to stay there for a while.

Thanks, Chelsea!

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