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Barcelona legend Dani Alves just scored the luckiest, strangest, most hilarious goal of his life

This is amazing!

Dani Alves will forever be a Barcelona legend, and even though he is a full-back, he has scored quite a few goals in his glorious career.

But never quite like THIS ONE, the fourth in Juventus' 4-0 Champions League win against Dinamo Zagreb on Wednesday:

(via r/Soccer)

This is a truly unbelievable play, in many aspects. The deflection of the free-kick is something quite normal, so we won't really pay attention to it, but the next few seconds are just incredible:

1 - The ball goes quite high in the air, looks like it's going over the bar, then suddenly comes back down and it's going in;

2 - The Zagreb goalkeeper, very late to notice what's happening, desperately runs back to his left side and puts himself in position to punch the ball out for a corner;

3 - He can't punch the ball backwards and the ball bounces off his hand into the box;

4 - The ball hits the ground and GOES BACKWARDS INTO THE GOAL, which does not sound like something really natural and I'm scared right now.

This is amazing. As you can see in the video, Dani and his teammates cannot stop laughing, and this will certainly bee the goal he's less proud of scoring in his career.

Still funny. Forever.

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