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This 20-second video is enough to display the tactical brilliance of Sergio Busquets

The Barcelona unsung hero is simply brilliant

FC Barcelona v FC BATE Borisov - UEFA Champions League Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Sergio Busquets is Barcelona's unsung hero, and we often take for granted just how spectacular of a player the Blaugrana midfielder is. No one, absolutely no one plays the position as well as he does, and no other defensive midfielder comes even close to the consistent level of brilliance Busquets displays every season.

We often don't pay attention to the little things Busquets does, but once we stop to actually see how he plays the Pivote role, we are amazed and astonished. This video from Judah Davies on Twitter is great and it perfectly displays Sergio's tactical awareness, and how his intelligence to play CDM leads to easy goals for Barça:

The first goal against Real Betis is just amazing, and look how Busi just changes directions to fool the man with the ball and block the passing lane at the perfect moment to steal the ball and assist Luis Suárez for the first goal. It's Suárez who gets the headline, but the goal just doesn't happen with Busquets. The second is also result of Busi's ability to read the play and step up to occupy space and take the ball back. Lionel Messi scores, but once again it's Sergio who creates it.

All hail Sergio Busquets. The best damn defensive midfielder the world has to offer.

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