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Lionel Messi finally addresses the blonde elephant in the room: his hair

The explanation finally came, and it's an interesting one

Lionel Messi's girlfiend shocked the world a few months ago with this picture:

cambio d look #blondeboy

A photo posted by AntoRoccuzzo88 (@antoroccuzzo88) on

"Wait, Messi is blonde now? WTF?!" was the thought in everybody's mind. After all, Lionel Messi was always looked at as a nice, humble guy that never stole the headlines for anything other than his spectacular performances for Barcelona and Argentina.

So it's understandable that Messi's sudden decision to dye his hair blonde was viewed as weird, to say the least. Was that a midlife crisis? Does a 29-year-old man even suffer from midlife crisis? What the hell did you do with that hair, Leo?

After a few months, Messi finally decided to address the blonde elephant in the room and answer the universal question about his new look.

“I made a change to start from zero. I was emerging from a lot of controversies, of things that had happened to me and I said to myself: ‘You’ve got to break this and start again.’”

Source: Mirror

Now that is an interesting answer. A change of look to feel different and be a totally different Messi than the one linked with tax fraud and that just lost a third major final in three years with his national team.

Blonde Messi has been fantastic so far, and if he's become one those method actors who need to change themselves to get in the role of their characters, then fine. He'll continue to be awesome at his job.

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