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Time to Roll Our Eyes! Diego Maradona Criticizes Barcelona Players for not Attending FIFA Gala

Who cares about some gala?

The Best FIFA Football Awards Photo by Philipp Schmidli/Getty Images

I care so little about the various individual awards these days that I was only vaguely aware some are even going on.

I know some people will chalk this up to who is and isn’t winning them but personally I don’t care... and have said so for a while now as different players have won different awards.

The Barcelona players were absent from the awards gala, most notably, Lionel Messi. Some people take this as disrespect or whatever, apparently so does Diego Maradona.

The former Argentine national team coach and player doesn’t mince criticism about Messi (or Neymar for that matter.) And while he is a legendary player, his opinions and general character are... questionable.

He said: "I'm disappointed with Messi, watching television at home you cannot fight anything or anyone – here you can fight.”

Fight who? For what? How?

No sir, the only place you fight is on the pitch. And well, um, not literally. But the point is right now the team needs to focus on results, which are not great lately.

Going to a gala helps none at all. It’s a party, basically, and one they should not be ashamed of skipping.

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