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Understanding The Two Barcelona Newspapers - Mundo Deportivo and Sport

A quick guide to important news sources in Catalonia.

Aerial View Of Estadio Camp Nou, Barcelona Photo by Blom UK via Getty Images

There are two major daily sports papers published in Barcelona: Mundo Deportivo and Sport.

Mundo Deportivo was founded in 1906, and is the oldest sports newspaper still published in Spain, and second only to Italy's La Gazzetta dello Sport in all of Europe.

It is owned by Grupo Godó, which also owns La Vanguardia, the biggest general interest paper in Barcelona, and fourth-biggest in Spain after three Madrid papers. LV is generally considered moderate in its politics. It is also considered pro-Catalan independence, though it was not always the case, and it also has some interesting ties to the Spanish nobility.

Sport, also known as Diario Sport, is owned by Grupo Zeta and is much newer, being founded in 1979. Grupo Zeta also publishes El Periódico de Catalunya, the second-most read general interest newspaper in Catalonia and the fifth in Spain.

El Periódico de Catalunya has ties to Catalan socialism and is considered a center-left paper, broadly speaking.

Just as La Vanguardia is more popular than El Periódico de Catalunya, Mundo Deportivo is more popular than Sport. Both are published in Spanish, though now Sport has an English version.

Both Mundo Deportivo and Sport write stories mostly about FC Barcelona men’s football, but they also run stories about women’s football, other sports FC Barcelona has such as basketball, other football clubs, and other sports in general.

Both tend to cater to Barcelona fans, and with Sport it’s actually official policy.

Both have been criticized for being sensationalist or biased. If you look at some of their stories, it’s easy to see why. They also publish a lot of rumors that in the end do not prove true.

However, they also report a lot of true information. As a reader, you have to be able to take it with a grain of salt and try to differentiate the good information from the other stuff.

There are other sources that have more in-depth analysis, or a better record of reporting rumors which turn out to be true. However, Sport and Mundo Deportivo probably devote more time and resources to FC Barcelona than any other newspaper or radio station. That means they are worth keeping an eye on.

Here at BB we may refer to these two often because of that. But always keep in mind that just because it’s published there doesn’t mean it’s true. The goal is to keep you informed of the goings-on. Sometimes this means talking about a rumor if only to dismiss it as probably untrue.

There’s another newspaper worth mentioning here - MARCA. It is the most popular newspaper in Spain, bar none, and it is based in Madrid. It is also seen as sensationalist and biased - this time in favor of Real Madrid.

Their stories on FC Barcelona are seen with suspicion, though again, this does not always mean they are always false. This does, however, mean you ought to look at the things they publish with a critical eye.

Pretty much all of that can also be said for Madrid’s second-most popular sports paper: Diario AS.

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