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Barcelona robbed of goal; Here’s your obligatory goal line technology headline

Barcelona robbed.

Barcelona have been robbed of a clear equalizing goal late in their league match away to Real Betis. After the hosts took a shock lead late in the match, Barca had the ball over the line just minutes later, but unfortunately the linesman nor the referee could see it and didn’t call it:

Replays show that the ball was clearly over the line without any debate. However, from full speed it was impossible to say with 100% certainty that it did cross the line.

This is a clear case that goal line technology would have correctly given the goal to Barcelona and at least earned them a crucial point in the title race. If La Liga eventually do make the right choice to implement the proven technology, expect this exact moment in this game to be one of the main causes.

Yes, GLT does cost a lot of money, but as the Premier League has proven, it avoids calls like this from having to be made by the human eye. Please get it done, La Liga.

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