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The Goleadores: Deulofeu gets stuck with the bill.

What could have been a great performance to get rid of some of the bugs ended up being a frustrating evening.

FC Barcelona v Olympiakos Piraeus - UEFA Champions League Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images

Despite Barcelona not playing the most breathtaking brand of football we all wish they would be playing, the team managed to dominate a team which to all outward appearances they should have dominated, and remained top of the leaderboard with three very important victories. Perhaps us fans come off as a bit ungrateful by expecting more from a team that hasn’t lost a single game since the Supercopa debacle, but that is mostly because one, we know that given decent management and good coaching this team could be nigh unbeatable, and two, because despite having not lost a single game thus far the team is nowhere near the talent level it should be at to be competitive. The offense is haphazardly put together and very stale, with many of our goals coming by way of the own goal. That, many people would tell you, is highly unsustainable.

Despite the absurdly repetitive occurrence thus far of own goals, common sense would suggest things will accommodate themselves to the logical statistical occurrence. All of which makes it that much more frustrating when the village idiot who should have been traded for magic beans long ago went and got himself expelled with all the jovial nonchalance of which only the addled are capable. Don’t get me started on his terrible positioning and plodding velocity on the first yellow, but to then do something as puerile as putting your team down a player after what can only be described as the most glaringly incompetent hand-ball ever…what a dingleberry. And will he suffer any consequences? Nah. He still gets to be on the starting eleven, undisputedly for some reason, and still goes home to a woman whose hips make industrial paint shakers envious.

You know who did end up stuck with the bill almost immediately? Deulofeu. Despite our attack not nearly being at the level it should be at, and our need for somebody to provide a blazing spark, he was the first sacrificed after the horribleness. And he was playing well, too, which only serves to frustrate me more. A quick google for a passing map will show our attack was heavily focused down his flank, and he was actually creating dangerous chances and not just losing the ball in unnecessary dribbles. I was very much convinced he deserved a spot on the goleadores if his performance continued. Alas.

Irish Goat’s Gamboling Goleadores!

1st Goleador: Paulinho

I think it is safe to suggest Paulinho has changed the way of thinking of many naysayers and with remarkable rapidity in the short season. Perhaps he does not possess the game controlling ability that Busi has, but when playing with a mid of Iniesta, Busi, and Paulinho we have more pace, control, disruption to the counter, pressing, and movement.

2nd Goleador: Umititi

As much as a contrast of Piqué as we can have on this team, and we are very fortunate he is on our side. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite players in a blaugrana jersey. I am not going to pretend he does not make mistakes, as they all do, but first they are few and far in between, and when he does commit a poor play, his natural skill is almost always enough to help him solve the dilemma himself.

3rd Goleador: Sergi Roberto

Perhaps he shouldn’t be starting over Semedo as a right back, but he should indubitably have a position as a starter somewhere in this team. So far, this season, his passing and Busquets’ has impressed me tremendously. He is starting to feel comfortable with his change of pace, which is quite good, and all this confidence is building definitely shows in his vision and play.

That is all for today! Visca Barça!

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