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WATCH: What Lionel Messi and Luis Suárez Said to the Ref After the “Ghost Goal” vs. Valencia

Video shows Barcelona players clearly upset

Valencia v Barcelona - La Liga Photo by Fotopress/Getty Images

Barcelona’s match against Valencia ended in a 1-1 draw, but maybe the score should have been different. A Lionel Messi shot was bundled over the line by the keeper, far past the line... slowly... but... well, you know by now. How did it not count?

In video from El Día Después, we see Messi, among others, speaking to the refs in disbelief at the call.

Messi’s “the ball’s here, the line’s here” gesture couldn’t be more clear. He also starts celebrating after scoring and is shocked to see it not being given. The likes of Andrés Iniesta and Jordi Alba also lodge complaints. Meanwhile, Luis Suárez has choice words for the referees.

The refs simply say they didn’t see it and say it’s tricky to judge those plays.

Sure, being a ref is hard, but is it that hard? Hmm, I’m not sure. Sometimes a ball will barely cross the line, or it’ll happen so quickly off the bar or something, you can’t notice in live time. This was far past the line, and because it was a slow, bouncing ball, it was quite evident for anyone to see it was a goal.

Nearly the whole Barcelona team was celebrating, confident the goal would be given. Of particular note, maybe Alba could have scored the rebound had he not turned to celebrate and then protest?

The mind boggles.

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