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Barcelona’s Luis Suárez is Living in Offside

The player was caught offside a ridiculous six times against Valencia

Valencia v Barcelona - La Liga Photo by Fotopress/Getty Images

Luis Suárez is the player who has been caught offside the most in the top 5 leagues. That’s in large part due to the fact that he was offside a total of six times in Barcelona’s 1-1 draw with Valencia.

Of course, being offside is often the product of a player making runs beyond the last defender, which, in general, is a good thing. You want your striker making those runs and taking risks.

But you don’t want him to mess up his timing so often he just becomes a source of lost possession. And that’s sadly what Suárez was for Barça against Valencia.

While most games he will (hopefully) not be offside that many times, the fact is it’s been a source of frustration in other matches as well.

Is it a physical problem? Is he mistiming his runs because he’s lost a step due to a knee issue, or age? Possibly, although players can adapt to such a thing.

He’s always been liable to go offside, but usually not this much. Usually, he makes it worth it. Let’s see how the season goes.

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