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Lionel Messi’s Promise if He Wins the World Cup

Sergio Agüero promised it, too

Brazil Global Tour - Brazil v Argentina Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

Lionel Messi gave an interview to Argentine channel TyC Sports as the Albiceleste gears up to face Russia for a FIFA World Cup 2018 tune-up match, and perhaps the best moment was when he and Sergio Agüero made a promise.

The promise? That if they win the tournament next year, they will walk from Rosario, Messi’s hometown, down to San Nicolás, a journey of about 68km that would take around 14 hours to complete.tak

Journalist Martín Arevalo was the one who proposed it:

“Leo, let’s make a promise together if you are up for it. I have faith in the national team. We go walking to San Nicolás if we are champions, are you up for it?”

Messi’s response? “Obviously.”

They then shook hands, on it, so it’s legit.

Arevalo brought it up to Manchester City’s Agüero, as well, who agreed to it, sarcastically saying it would be a short walk.

Arevalo: If the #10 promised to go to San Nicolás, you’re in too, right?

Agüero: That’s close to Rosario, San Nicolás. it’s on the way to Buenos Aires.

Arevalo: I’m going. Are you coming, if we’re World Champions? You can say no.

Agüero: Sure. Let’s go. Where do we leave from?

Arevalo: Messi’s house

Agüero: And where do we go to?

Arevalo: To San Nicolás. It’s only 50 km.

Agüero: Oh, no problem then. We’ll jog there

In case you missed it, the walk from Rosario to Buenos Aires is 333 km. Saying San Nicolás is close to Rosario and “on the way” to Buenos Aires is, well... relative.

What will you do if Messi wins the World Cup?

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