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Lionel Messi Speaks on FIFA World Cup 2018

“I hope football pays its debt to me”

Russia vs Argentina - International Friendly

Lionel Messi has spoken out about his dreams for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia. In an interview with, the Argentina superstar talked about the “debt” his coach, Jorge Sampaoli, said he was still owed. “I hope football does end up paying me!” he said, laughing.

Messi spoke on how his national team is faring:

We’ll be in good shape when we get there because we’re still growing. We had to go through something that we didn’t expect or deserve, because we had earlier matches against Venezuela and Peru that we could have won easily. If we had, then we wouldn’t have had to go through what we did at the end. We’ve had four competitive matches with a new coach, but the national team’s going to change now that the Ecuador game’s behind us. It’s going to grow and it’s going to get rid of all the tension and fear it felt because of that match and because of the risk of not achieving our objective. The national team’s going to change a lot.

The FC Barcelona star also talked about his iconic performance against Ecuador, in which he scored a hat trick to ensure qualification for Argentina:

It was very important because missing out on the World Cup would have been a huge blow, firstly for the squad as a whole and then for me on a personal level. I don’t know how I would have taken it. The same goes for the people of Argentina. Failing to make Russia would have been an all-time low for the country.

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