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Luis Suárez manages to be, at the same time, Lionel Messi's best friend and biggest fan

Their relationship is really awesome

FC Barcelona v RCD Espanyol - La Liga Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Football players who are teammates don't exactly need to get along to have success. There are examples across all sports that show that teams who were dysfunctional behind the scenes were still able to play great together and win titles together. The problem with a tough locker room is that, as soon as the winning stops, the egos take over and a great team is dissolved.

Barcelona fans do not need to worry about that happening with this current group of world-class players, though. One of the most impressive things about Barça's locker room is that literally all of the players are friends, who like to be around each other and love coming to work every day just to see their buddies again. Of course, some players are closer than others, but there's a genuine friendship between all the Barça stars.

One of the best examples of this friendship is the relationship between Luis Suárez and Lionel Messi. Ever since they teamed up in 2014, the two are inseparable, and alongside Neymar they form an 'MSN' trio on and off the pitch. Suárez and Messi are a little bit closer, and the two are together all the time, even during their off days. The two families are close, too, and the fact that both have kids make their friendship even stronger.

But I'll let Suárez explain it better:

"Argentines and Uruguayans get on well, and on top of that with Leo we have the same age and this generates a different feeling. Football players don't like to talk all the time about football. We have a completely different thing, with the children, things we have. This creates a link that makes the relationship more powerful.

"You meet up to have a mate (tea), spend the day, go out to eat with the women, this is good because you know that when you meet up with your friends your wife will have company too, sometimes that's difficult."

They're not just good friends, though. Suárez is also Messi's biggest fan in the world, not only as a footballer, but as a person:

"Leo is like anyone else off the pitch. He has great humility and sincerity with me. He is admirable, incredible. We also live 100 metres from each other."

Source: Diario SPORT

This is too awesome. Well done, Luis and Leo. You're good people.

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