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A Fan's Perspective: Is it time to change the question?

Is dropping a right-back altogether possible?

FC Barcelona v Athletic Club - La Liga Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images

Aleix Vidal's horrific injury put on hold any and all celebrations of Barcelona's most recent victory.

The Spanish wing-back has been a controversial topic all season long. Whether it was his poor showings in defence, or his meteoric rise to the starting XI, Aleix Vidal's curious situation had kept the Culé-verse wanting more information week-in and week-out.

All that got put to rest last weekend however, when Vidal suffered a graphic ankle break in the final moments of a sure victory.

While the entire footballing world wishes him a speedy recovery, Luis Enrique is stuck in a loop of his own, trying to find a solution to his right-back dilemma—the Blaugrana coach has been forced to experiment with his line-up on a regular basis, due to the ineptness of Sergi Roberto at filling in at full-back.

Everytime Barça gears up to play a game of football, the first question that pops up on everyone's mind is, "Who will play RB this time?"

However, in all the chaos, there just might be a solution to the madness, lurking in Barça's squad—it's only a matter of recognising it.

With the rise of Samuel Umtiti, Barcelona is in the unique position today of having three starting quality centre-backs at it's disposal—Umtiti, Pique and Mascherano are some of the best CBs in world football today and their quality is unquestionable.

While having those three seems like a luxury for Lucho, the presence of three talented CBs in the reserve team is something that needs to be brought to the coach's attention. Borja Lopez, Marlon Santos and Rodrigo Tarin are the first choice CBs for the B-team and it is safe to say, that atleast two of them have the potential to become starters for the Blaugrana in the near future. However, the presence of such talented youngsters is more critical now than ever, considering the fact that the three are already good enough to become squad players and provide some much needed rest to the current starters.

Looking at the personnel at hand, it seems like the Catalans are equipped to drop a right-back altogether and switch to a back-three for the rest of the season.

The rise of hybrid-wingers in Rafinha, Turan, and Denis Suarez means that the Blaugrana have the necessary tools to add an extra player in midfield, which would be crucial to changing formation from the traditional 4-3-3 to a more offensive 3-4-3.

Whether the coach decides to make such a drastic decision in February is anybody's guess.

With the constant plot-hole that the right flank in Barça's defence has become, it might be in the best interest of the team, to stop finding a solution, and finally change the question.

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