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Snooze-fest 2017!

I browsed reddit for the majority of this game.

FC Barcelona v CD Leganes - La Liga Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images

If you were me, how would you write this segment? I am supposed to watch every game and write about the positive things Barcelona did; and more specifically choose three players who performed well above the other eight players on the field. But this…this thing only the hardiest of us can call a football game. It is almost impossible to see this thing and dissect it for anything positive. Haven’t we all suffered enough!? And the answer to that is no, no we have not, because I have no other choice but to root through the muck to try and find a decent performance. What would be the opposite of a screamer? A snoozer? That doesn’t seem quite right. A whisperer! Yeah, that’s the one. This game was a whisperer. That just sounds right.

In this whisperer of a game, about the only entertaining thing you could enjoy during the entirety of the slowest ninety minutes in existence was the Spanish commentators using Rico’s name. “La toca Rico, se la quito Rico, la mueve rico, etc., etc.”. Oh, aye, how very naïve of me, but at least I managed to scrounge some entertainment out of something that’s supposed to be entertaining. Especially when you are referring to Barcelona and what until recently was their beautiful way of playing football. When was it the last time you couldn’t sit through a whole Barça match?

Irish Goat’s Gamboling Goleadores!

1st Goleador: MAtS

Our young netminder has proven to be the last lifeline left to this team after the horrid past couple of meltdowns. Against PSG he had a terrific game, but unfortunately the rest of the team was so utterly awful that chances kept coming and coming for the Parisians, which led to more goals than even MAtS could keep out. He was, again, the best player on the field against Leganes and the only reason we did not concede more goals against one of the worst teams in La Liga.

2nd Goleador: Rafinha

Barcelona has basically lost the midfield this year. They struggle to create any movement or creativity from the middle of the field and always rely on playing to the sides. They are static and lack movement. Rafinha has really tried to buck that trend, and should be seriously considered for a spot in the gala XI. The kid has pace, knows how to keep possession, has a soft touch on the ball, and can actually produce a decent change of pace instead of getting pressed off the ball like most of our midfielders are doing nowadays. And on defense he can freaking tackle the ball away from a player. When did our players forget how to strip possession from the opposition? Honestly, half the time it feels like even the worse teams can get a shot off in almost every possession they have because our guys have no idea how to regain possession.

Y mas nada! Everybody else sucked. Enjoy your week and as always Visca Barça!

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