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Barça Balugranes Q&A: The Answers

Luis, Navjot and Sarthak answer your questions.

FC Barcelona v Paris Saint-Germain - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: Second Leg Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Will there be another chance for writers to join?

And also, do you guys get paid or is it voluntary? - Alex Song

I'm one of the most recent recruits on the site. And BB is always looking for more writers to contribute with the coverage. When I first applied, I had to provide content voluntarily for a while, before I got on the payroll. And to put it in Bostjan's poetic words, "It's beer money". - Navjot

I think there's always a chance for people to join, you just have to go through the process. Some get paid, some don't, but it's not all that much. I think most people do it for reasons other than money. - Luis

There are times where BB gets off topic(of which I'm a leading offender).

Is it alright if I create an off topic thread that is renewed weekly(similar to that of the Daily Hilario on our sister site WAGNH) - et tu, brute

Well this is something the writers have to decide as a group. I think it would be OK. However I think the daily news article is an OK space to go off topic since it's not about a single topic. - Luis

What was your favourite moment as a Barcelona fan? - Smntr_Brnj

My favourite moment as a Barcelona fan, has to be Sergi Roberto's CL goal this season against PSG. While I'm sure there are people who will have some amazing memories to share, this moment probably reminds me of why I love this club so much. Never will I see a match like that ever again! - Navjot

Ah what a timely question! Recency bias says the 6-1. But all four other Champions League finals are big. The 5-0 over Real Madrid with Pep at the helm. It's hard to pick one favorite. - Luis

What countries visit BB the most? - TimmyC105

We have gotten visits from nearly every country, including North Korea. - Luis

What do you think of the new Camp Nou design? Specifically not having outer walls, to show "openness to the world". Personally, the poetic cliche I don’t buy, and the exterior design is quite ugly. I’ll miss the old Camp Nou. - Vlad Bobe

While I love the Camp Nou as it is, I am all for structural renovations. The club is growing and the stadium needs to grow too. However, I do hope the naming rights aren't sold. - Navjot

It's beautiful. However, I still think it's money being spent on something beautiful but unnecessary. There are teams in the Segunda B who still haven't received their Copa del Rey prize from the federation, which was due in August, and in Spain's current economic climate this kind of spending by Barcelona is in my opinion shameful. - Sarthak

It looks a bit weird to me to be honest, but maybe I'm just not used to it. - Luis

Do you think Barça made a mistake by buying Gomes?

Like should Barça not purchased him or instead if Gomes they should bought a world class midfielder or will Gomes blossom into a world-class midfielder and continues to play as a mid for Barça in the coming years? Ajmain faieq

Gomes is often subjected to criticism due to his performances or his work rate. However, if possible, I think the fans should be patient with the settling of all our new recruits. They're young, in foreign waters. They might blossom or they might fail. But today isn't the day to judge them. - Navjot

When he was signed I always thought it was a bit weird. He had a good season at Valencia but he didn't strike me as an essential player to sign. I had the opposite reaction when Barcelona signed Rakitic, for example. I thought he was totally brilliant for Sevilla. Obviously Gomes isn't having a good season. That said, I don't think it's totally fair to just say "well he's worthless." Obviously he's talented, he's young, and he's adapting. It could happen that he blossoms. I mean look at Arda Turan or Aleix Vidal, or even Luis Suarez. It took them a bit to really hit their stride. Still, I personally wouldn't bet on it. I think they could have saved the money from last year to buy someone this year - like Marco Verratti or Thiago Alcantara or someone of that caliber. - Luis

Can BB have Rival watch articles? - nape23

Yes! Comment below if you are interested in a "preview" of the team Barcelona faces each week for next season, and I'd be happy to do it. Will it have an off-the-radar style to it?

Of course. - Sarthak

Well, we could. The question is what exactly is meant? Articles that scout opposition? Or just threads when Real Madrid are playing, for example? Every week? Or only when they lose? - Luis

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