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After Lucho’s announcement, Oprah becomes the new Barcelona coach and gives everyone goals

You get a goal! You get a goal! Everybody gets a goaaaaaaaaal!

FC Barcelona v RC Celta de Vigo - La Liga Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images

What a beautiful game football is, especially when being played with such class and ability. I shouldn’t complain after having the privilege of watching this outstanding match, but I just keep wondering, why hasn’t this happened for much of this season? I understand our tactical inadequacies what with our poor midfield and lack of a proper RB, but still many questions abound. Yes, you could say some of the recurring problems this season were “fixed” with the hybrid 3-4-3, 4-3-3 formation implemented to shore up that week right side and strengthen the midfield, but that still doesn’t explain the level of effort shown by the players. They seemed stronger mentally and more connected.

It was also fantastic to see the sublime, quick one-touch passing of Barcelona’s heyday. The movement off the ball was precise, exact, and whatever other synonym you want to use to describe Saturday’s game wherein the players actually moved to the open spaces, both stretching the defense and also providing clear passing lanes. It has been quite a while since the midfield, and quite frankly everyone else, had an adequate game. What changed? Was it Lucho’s announcement of his departure? Did this provide extra motivation for the players, perhaps as a way to thank Lucho and send him off with a blast? Or maybe the change in tactics give the players some invaluable confidence that until then had been sorely lacking? Whatever the reason, Barcelona arrive in terrific form for their game against PSG, hopefully to win but more likely to exit with their heads held high.

Irish Goat’s Gamboling Goleadores!

1st Goleador: Messi

The passes, the goals, the dribbles, the give-and-go passing. What a player. I happen to live with a die-hard Madridista (yeah, I know), and even he can’t but appreciate the genius of this man. Messi is a sheer force of nature. Will this man ever hit a limit? Most players end up being predictable in what they do with the ball, especially after many viewings, where you are able to predict with high accuracy what they plan on doing. But this man, this beast, is unpredictable. There is no limit to the ways he can beast at football.

2nd Goleador: Neymar

Alright Neymar! Incredible game. Another fantastic outing from this youngster, which continues his current run of form. Sure, he isn’t scoring much, but even so he has been one of the best players on the pitch for Barcelona for at least four games now, if not many more.

3rd Goleador: Rakitić

Welcome back Raki! I sure missed you. He had been having a rough year thus far, but had a tremendous outing against Celta. Honestly, the third goleador could have gone to almost any player on the team, especially Busquets and Rakitić both of whom excelled, but I made my choice and I am sticking with it.

See you Wednesday, folks. As always Visca Barça!

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